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 Our Brunch Menu

Small Things

Greek style yogurt w/ honey, seasonal fruit & granola


Homemade cheddar biscuit w/ sausage gravy


English muffin w/ smoked trout cream cheese and chive


On Cheddar Biscuits

Egg and cheese


Fried chicken w/ sausage gravy dip


Bacon egg and cheese


Sausage egg and cheese


Big Breakfasts

Hotcakes topped w/ maple syrup and shredded pork belly w/ a side of cheesy scrambled eggs


Hotcakes served w/ bacon and sausage


Poached egg over fried green tomato topped with hollandaise and crab meat


Egg white omelet w/ grilled salmon and sauteed spinach


Chorizo, chilis, scallion & cheddar omelet w/ cilantro


Poached egg over ham w/ melted swiss and holandaise on an english muffin


Spinach, feta and tomato/olive relish omelet


Veggie Frittata


Two eggs any style w/ sausage or bacon


Steak and eggs (scrambled or fried) 

Small Plates

Chesapeake Fries- hand cut fries tossed w/ Old Bay & topped w/ chilis, scallions, bacon,Virginia Ham, Cheddar cheese and Lump Crab


Crab Mac N Cheese- topped with lump crab, old bay and toasted bread crumbs 


Grilled Haloumi Cheese- grilled Haloumi cheese layered w/ toasted sesame bread & arugula. Finished with red wine honey vinaigrette


Wings- w/ Old Bay, Honey-Old Bay, Hoison Ginger,or Mango Habanero BBQ sauce


Trios of Dips- served with toast points 



Meatloaf Melt- on homemade potato bread w/ bacon & pepperjack cheese


Chicken- grilled on sesame bread w/ scallion aioli, pickles, arugula & swiss


Turkey Gyro- on flat bread w/ cucumber yogurt sauce,feta,tomato/olive relish & mixed greens


Grilled Eggplant- marinated eggplant, spinach, mozzarella cheese on focaccia bread


Porters 10oz. Burger- w/ horseradish aioli cheddar and crispy fried onions


Bison Burger- lean ground bison, encrusted in peppercorn, seared med rare w/ blue cheese & grilled mushrooms


Open Faced Brisket- slow cooked brisket on housemade potato bread topped with caramelized onions and gravy 


Salmon Powerhouse- grilled salmon, cucumber, sprouts, avocado, red onion & whole grain mustard aioli on toasted whole grain bread




House-Goat cheese, cucumber, baby tomatos, croutons, toasted sunflower vinaigrette 


Hoisin Glazed Salmon-over cabbage slaw w/ carrots, snow peas and a ginger soy vinaigrette 


Napa Valley Chicken- grilled herb marinated chicken w/ red and white grapes, shaved greens, blue cheese crumbles and our house vinaigrette 



House Made Desserts

Change weekly